Non Dual Links and A Course in Miracles Resources

Enjoy exploring our abundant non dual links, including more information about David Hoffmeister and his teachings, free MP3 and YouTube sites, a movie-watching for Enlightenment site, a searchable ACIM site, and much more!

Mystical Mind Training

An experiential way of healing the mind, Mystical Mind Training is an online, advanced mind training program for undoing the ego. Texts, videos, music, audio files, and writings accompany a curriculum aimed at metaphysical understanding, and the essential transfer of training necessary for an consistent experience of peace.

David Hoffmeister is always happy! He hasn’t had a bad day in over 20 years. How is that possible? David is a witness to perfect dedication to truth and lives this truth always. This site gives insight into how to have radiant happiness and a consistently peaceful state of mind. A treasure trove of information about A Course in Miracles and non dual teachings.

Awakening with the movies! The Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment is an online assistant to spiritual movie-watching. Movies can be a fast track for getting in touch with unresolved issues, allow them up and out, and reveal the fullness of who you are, your true Self. Not only are there lists of movies based on an emotional index, but there are practical tools to help you through any upset that may arise while watching the movies. A great resource to apply non dual teachings. The best spiritual movies will help you wake up and this is the site to guide you. Enroll today!

The Foundation for the Awakening Mind is dedicated to non dual teachings of A Course in Miracles. Access multimedia resources including music, videos, writings, and audios, and read about the global community of David Hoffmeister and his devoted friends.

Great non dual teacher site with David Hoffmeister! Learn about non duality and A Course in Miracles with in-depth passages and insights from Eastern traditions and the “not-two’” teachings of Advaita Vedanta. Also, find out about the Awakening Mind Community.

Living Miracles Store has many non dual/A Course in Miracles resources and materials including books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, video downloads, and specials, as well as translated teachings.

A wide variety of David Hoffmeister’s non dual and A Course in Miracles teachings. An abundance of helpful links to David’s videos on YouTube, Spreaker audio talks, social media, music, mind training programs, websites, subscriptions, writings, and much more. This site is like a mighty companion for the mind.

ACIM audios for Awakening! An abundance of online radio shows and podcasts of non dual/A Course in Miracles teachings from David Hoffmeister’s travels across the globe. This is practical application in action; a fully searchable website with emotional themes for almost any upset or problem you can think of. Over 650 videos of David’s most truth-exposing talks! Find answers to questions about non dual teachings, A Course in Miracles, and almost anything else. If you have an upset, this site has a solution. The videos are categorized by emotion and situation, then further refined into an easily searchable system. An amazing resource! This is your portal into Christian Mysticism and an introduction to Living Church Ministries, Inc., a non-profit, non-denominational church whose members have gladly given their lives to be used in Love by the Holy Spirit and Jesus. The home of the Tabula Rasa Mystery School. Tabula Rasa means “blank slate.” This is a Mystery School designed to help you let go of everything you think you think and think you know, to get out of your own way, and to immerse in a curriculum that will accelerate your spiritual Awakening. David Hoffmeister’s Spreaker audio show is available here. The true experience of non dual awareness, awakening talks, and enlightened insights are all here to immerse in. Have you been looking for the non dual teachings of A Course in Miracles? Do you know what they are? Here you will find online access to the ACIM Text, Workbook, and Manual for Teachers, together with the principles of miracles, original guidelines, and helpful commentary by David Hoffmeister. The Awareness Center in Mexico—rejuvenate the spirit, relax the mind, and nurture the heart and soul. Set against the charming and vibrant backdrop of Chapala, Mexico, it is the perfect place to let everything drop and allow yourself to sink into Spirit. The Doorway is David Hoffmeister’s premium self-study online course, which helps you deepen your experience of the non dual teachings of A Course in Miracles. A multimedia platform including the deepest teachings, Awakening movie sessions, inspired music, and insightful assignments for an in-depth understanding and experience of waking up to who you truly are, to Self-realization. The Foundation for Inner Peace official website. The organization that first brought A Course in Miracles into this world and lovingly cared for, stewarded, and continued the broad distribution around the globe with translations in 25+ languages. Circle of Support is where you can stay in touch and receive our monthly newsletter and inspiring messages from David Hoffmeister on Oneness, truth, and non dual/A Course in Miracles teachings. Keep up-to-date with coming events, gatherings, and retreats. You can find out how to be involved in the Living Miracles global online community and extend your gifts and talents, as well as receive support from Living Miracles.