A Course in Miracles in India

W ell known for its deep spiritual tradition, India has been a home to mysticism and non duality for thousands of years. In 2015, this second-most populated country in the world welcomed A Course in Miracles teacher David Hoffmeister to come and celebrate the timeless message of Truth. Below are the recordings captured from these precious gatherings.

Description: Mystic David Hoffmeister visits New Delhi and speaks about Self-realization and A Course in Miracles. Following the initial talk, a Q&A session unfolds where David answers “What is non duality?” and “How do you seek the Kingdom of Heaven within?”

Description: What is the nature of existence? How can I best help humanity and society? Why the concern for future directions? In this satsang, held in spiritual hub Rishikesh, David speaks of the simple and direct message that Presence is worth your trust and focus. Let present trust direct the way. See beyond the past and future as you receive what is Given now!

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